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ELC, every Pet dog is different so it is quite feasible your dog’s did not need to have the high amount of protein that is in BB. Nevertheless, like most natural Doggy foods on This page, it is possible to not just blame a Doggy food for what took place after you certainly didn't do your investigation within the food and did not speak to your vet prior to switching.

Allow me to begin with indicating that Purina has experienced many court circumstances with creating pretend social media marketing reviews on rivals products and solutions which include BB.

We have contacted PetSmart and they have agreed to refund the entire price in the food, even without the bag or receipt. We're Doing the job to Get hold of the business to let them know that there is definitely a little something Completely wrong with this food. I will never rely on their product again.

Awareness Pet Parents…Make sure you Study! I’m a pet guardian to 4 dogs and 2 cats. All my pets are actually on Blue Buffalo products and solutions with the past four many years. Lately my dogs started throwing up, possessing free stools, foul fuel, refusing to eat their Puppy food at times and every time they did take in I discovered they ended up eating grass inside the lawn afterwards and consuming plenty of water. 1 of my dogs appeared bloated and was panting seriously, my other Pet started to urinate in her doggie bed when sleeping (she’s a young Pet dog and experienced never done that before.)I went online to analysis if there was some thing going on with BB and arrived across so a number of other responses similar to mine.

This went on for about two months And that i finally explained high-quality you can have your previous Canine food but he would not eat this either and experienced missing some weight so I took him for the vet.

Never rely yourself as a nasty individual. Cheap Puppy foods are sprayed with flavor, and thats why dogs love them. It is actually completely acceptable to make a direct swap from undesirable food. You wouldn't Permit a buddy smoke crack right until they operate out then Stop, no you'll want them to Stop right away.

In terms of the Blue Buffalo food, never planning to utilize it again. I are already utilizing it for food house 9 months, but no a lot more. There seems to be some advancement from the two and eight year aged. But, our old boy isn’t getting better.

FYI: I rotate food, I purchase all grain free and check out to stay with fish, but I rotate brands as there isn't any fantastic brand in my view.

Blue Buffalo is actually the best food and best enterprise I have encountered within a thirteen yr nutrition specialty. It’s the brand I recommend for the vast majority of my consumers, and it has worked wonders for my own pets.

Pamela:This item recall was in excess of a year back, and from what I understand it was just since several of the food contained to much Vitamin D. BB initiated the recall by themselves. I tend not to Feel that any dogs had been located to obtain sick as a result of added vitamin dog food ingredients D.

If you are trying shifting to Blue and your Doggy stops eating, begins vomiting and shedding weight, acquire them towards the vet right absent and halt feeding Blue.

Jackie, I am so sorry to hear about all of the health problems your dogs have gone through. I'm relieved to suit your needs however that they survived this horrific ordeal. I acquired BB for my two dogs just lately; but after looking through lots of negative reviews made a decision to feed a special food. BB is not really a transparent enterprise in my opinion. That they had a recall in 2010 for read more about dog grooming austin texas just a vitamin D issue that brought about the Demise of some dogs. At the moment, a achievable auction is from the functions for probable purchasers including Colgate,Proctor & Gamble and DelMonte to name just a number of.

Lots of in their foods have GARLIC, and SALT. Furthermore they had a recall because of unhealthy levels of vitamins of their food. Seriousluy in case you love your pets stay away. There are numerous good brands on the market that do no include ingredients the ASPCA has identified to get hazardous. Why pick a brand that disregards the preeminent pet health organization’s strategies/warnings?

Have a very small little yorkie, just a lil about 3lbs , and as all small Canine owners have expert, rather finnecky. She LOVES the duck flavored Blue, and the nuggets are small more than enough for her to love comfortably!

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